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Certification of documents in the CCI of Ukraine. The translation agency Alphabet will solve all problems within the shortest possible time!

Our company provides a wide range of services for legal entities. One of them is the certification of documents in the Chamber of Commerce and Induscty of Ukraine. This procedure is necessary for various documents while conducting the foreign economic activity of Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs as well as foreign investors and businessmen.


In which cases do you need to certify documents in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine?

The functions of the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce involve issuing, certification and attestation of commercial documents relating to foreign economic activity of entrepreneurs, enterprises and their associations. Most of these documents are contracts, certificates of origin, invoices, documents of title. In practice, this list is very long, because modern business is extremely dynamic and diverse.

The list of our translation states that we provide the certification of documents under different procedures. The main ones include issuing apostilles for documents, legalization at the Consulate. However, various kinds of commercial documents, under international law, shall not be subjected to that kind of certification. In such cases, certification of the documents is held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, i.e. a body specifically empowered to certify such information to various companies, organizations and institutions of foreign countries.

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