Discovery of documents

Discovery of documents in Ukraine and abroad. When is it necessary?

The obvious first reason of discovery of documents, i.e. receipt of their duplicates, is loss or damage of the original. A duplicate received in an official manner, such as a marriage certificate or a university degree fully replaces the lost original, and can be represented in government and other bodies of Ukraine and abroad.


The second major cause of the need to reclaim the document is the inconsistency of the original format to the requirements of an organization, where it is to be submitted. Typical examples in this case are laminated document, with no possibility to put Apostille in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, in Kiev, or the obsolete Soviet sample of birth certificate that will not be accepted by the Consulate of a foreign country.


The discovery of documents can be also in case apostille is necessary to put, for example, on the diploma to which the legalization documents procedure is performed in the Consulate and in many other cases.


Which bodies issue originals or dublicate of the documents needed to our customers? 

 In most cases, our customers should receive the duplicates of the following documents:

  • certificate of divorce, marriage, death, birth, name change, an extract from the Register in Civil Registry bodies
  • certificate of secondary education, diploma of education. They are received at the educational institutions which previously issued the originals.


Our clients often need the discovery of documents in various State Archives, Courts and Ministries.

In all cases, there acts a general principle: a duplicate shall be made by the authority or organization that issued the original document at the appropriate time, or by the organization which is its successor (e.g. in case of liquidation of the institution, renaming of the Ministry).


Discovery of documents – What assistance can the Translation agency Alphabet in Kyjiv provide you?

You are a foreigner or a citizen of Ukraine, and you need a discovery of documents in another country? We can offer you our assistance in solving these problems as well, because we have partners not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Providing such a service, of course, requires more time and require more expenses. But we are ready to provide this service in respect for many countries? just contact our manager by phone and specify your tasks.


The Translation agenct Alphabet is your clear resolution of all issues on obtaining documents! 

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