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Nostrification of educational certificates. The Translation agency Alphabet (Кyiv) provides a full range of services!

Nostrification is a special procedure to be held for recognition in one country for example in Ukraine, certificates of education received in another country, for example in Russia or Poland. The following documents are exposed to such procedure: diploma, certificate of secondary education, certificate of obtaining academic degree, qualification level.

The nostrification is actually held by official bodies (usually the Ministry of Education) of the country where it is intended to be used, for example the certificate of medical education. Yet, to start the procedure it is necessary to provide the advance a range of actions in the country where the diploma of medical education was issued. Therefore, nostrification of Ukrainian diplomas, for example in Poland or Russia, begins actually in Kiev.


Nostrification of a diploma, certificate of secondary education, obtaining the academic degree in Ukraine

To initiate this procedure in Ukraine it is necessary to take in advance particular actions in a country where education documents were received. These actions involve Apostille to a diploma and its annex, with the assessment or legalization in the country that issued the document on education, if the country didn't join the Hague Convention.


What procedure is stipulated for nostrification in Ukraine of education documents obtained in another country?


It is necessary to prepare a set of compulsory documents which will include:

  • legalized original documents on education
  • copies and translations certified by notary
  • copy of the passport
  • application for nostrification services and consent to the collection, processing and storage of personal information


It must be emphasized that this is the minimum of necessary documents, but, in certain cases, originals and translated certificates of previous places of study, extracts from archival documents of the educational institution, copies of the invitation of Ukrainian university, academic institution, etc. may be required.

No matter whether it shall be the nostrification of PhD degree or bachelor's degree, recognition of medical diplomas, certificates of education for other specialities, it is conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Duration of the procedure is up to 60 working days. For the documents of some countries, the Translation agency Alphabet can provide urgent nostrification for up to 5 working days.

For this procedure the state fee is paid in addition the amount of state fee may include the cost of expenses for comparative analysis of educational programs.


Experts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine by the results of the analysis can come to the following conclusions regarding foreign document on education:

  • complete recognition
  • partial recognition (it would be necessary to pass the academic difference)
  • denial of diploma nostrification

In recognition of certificates of obtaining academic degree, diploma, certificate, the Ministry of Education and Science issues a certificate confirming compliance of education received abroad with the educational level of Ukraine.


Nostrification of Ukrainian diplomas in other countries

A decision on the issue of recognition of Ukrainian diploma in another country shall be taken by the authorized body of the country of destination (Ministry of Education or its equivalent). But to initiate the procedure it is necessary to  duly translate and notarize documents on education in their country of origin, Ukraine.

Main courses of action herewith shall be the following:

  • Apostille - Legalization of documents in the participating countries of the Convention on the simplified procedure of recognition.
  • Legalization at the Consulate - for the countries that are not the parties of the aforementioned Convention.

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