Document legalization

Legalization of documents is a set of "turn-key" services of the Translation agency Alphabet (Kyiv)!

Translation of official documents for submission in other countries and foreign documents for submission to various institutions in Ukraine usually need their witnessing by official bodies. Steps they need to go have a common name "legalization". This term has a narrower interpretation as well and is used for one of the above mentioned procedures, the legalization of documents issued in Ukraine at the Consulate of a foreign country.


Apostille and legalization of documents in foreign countries

Apostille is a special stamp affixed to the documents by the official institutions of Ukraine. It allows their legalization in a simplified procedure in the countries acceded to the Hague Convention of 1961. Our Agency can assist in obtaining apostille on a diploma or other. Details information on the service is provided on the relevant page.


Legalization at the Consulate 

For countries that have not acceded to the above Convention, and in other cases, legalization of documents is carried out by foreign Consulates.


Procedure of documents legalization in the Consulate of a foreign country

The Consular legalization of translated documents, in comparison to issuing the apostille is much more complicated and much longer procedure, which involves several institutions. Generally, it includes the following steps:

  • translation and the original of documents are bound securely and certified by a notary
  • the relevant service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine certifies the authenticity of the signature of the notary
  • the Consulate service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine certifies the signature of the Ministry official
  • the documents package is submitted for legalization of the Consulate (Embassy) of the country it is intended to use

As you can see, the process is rather complicated and time consuming; the problems can arise at each stage. The Translation agency Alphabet is ready to carry out the procedure of legalization of documents as a "turn-key" service, i.e. the customer will not have to waste time and decide what exactly and in which sequence to do. It should be noted as well that the total cost of translation and certification of documents includes the payment of state fees. Thus, the cost of Consular legalization in Kyiv is available to our customers.


Nostrification is a procedure of recognition the educational documents in Ukraine

Nostrification is a process of recognition in Ukraine of educational documents issued by educational institutions in other countries. The foreign citizens and the citizens of Ukraine who received education and training abroad should undergo this procedure.

Nostrification of diploma, certificate of secondary education is also one of the services provided by the Translation agency Alphabet. For additional information you can refer to the relevant section of our web site.

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