Localization of translations, web sites, software programs. The translation agency Alphabet offers full range of services.

It is obvious that the translation is intended for a person who uses another language as a native one, to make him able to understand the documents and oral conversations with you and the employees of your company. However, if you need to maintain the most direct and close contact with a particular person, a group or a wide foreign audience, it would not be enough. It is necessary that you will not be understood just literally, but to become a kind of countryman, whose language will sound like native for them.

This problem is solved by translation localization, which provides the adaptation of material to the cultural context of one or several countries (for example, English or Spanish, which are the main languages in many countries) for a specific target audience (social or professional group).

Here is an example. In our folklore a fox symbolizes a cunning creature. But in the fairy tales of other nations there is another animal that acts cunningly, such as raccoon or platypus. Accordingly, an ordinary translation into the language of these countries will present a fox, and a localized translation - quite different animal.

We can give the endless number of examples. Especially significant they are, if we talk about copywriting. We know that copywriting involves the use of a set of psychological techniques for creating effective text to sell. In order the translation of your advertising materials retain their effectiveness, they need the localization. After psychological techniques of copywriting based on the accuracy of their expression in words, using familiar terms for the target audience, national traditions and associations.


Who provides the effective translation localization? Translation agency Alphabet

We engage to perform such work not only highly qualified translators but also native speakers and representatives of a particular target audience or specialists who have studied in detail the language needs. All potential of promotional and informational materials that are sold will be preserved in the localization, developed and presented to the target audience in the most efficient way


Localization of websites, games and other software is a modern way towards the widest possible global audience

Online games and software for computers and mobile devices is today the most dynamically developing and profitable sector. It is primarily determined by technical means, providing easy access to consumer audiences worldwide. But technology does not solve all the issues. It is important to fully present the proposal that means effectively localize the site, the game, the software to interpret the information and advertising materials.


Translation agency Alphabet is ready to provide the localization of sites of all sizes - from small business site-card of the company or brand to a big portal. Extensive experience we have gained as well with the localization of games and other software.

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