Translation service from the agency Alphabet (Kyiv) – You will receive both high quality result exactly within agreed timescale and satisfaction with our cooperation! 

In today's open world the companies no matter their scales and individuals require translation of various documents to solve a wide range of tasks. We are ready to provide this service in high quality and at optimal cost.


Do you need to witness documents, to perform their translation quickly?

We always try to meet the customer's needs in any point. The highly professional translator's speed is 10-12 pages of standard complexity text a day, regardless of a language. Of course, It would be efficient to all intents and purposes to use one specialist to work on a document. If you need to translate a documentation package, it is often possible to accelerate work by attracting more translators. There are other ways to speed up the process in case the urgent translation is necessary. For example, involvement of an editor or editors. In any case, specify the task to the manager of Alphabet, and we will find a way to solve it within the required time!


Types of translation we are ready to perform

If you do not go into details, the answer to this question will be, EITHER. Our expertise and experience allow to perform even the most unusual orders.


Experience has proven that in Kiev individuals most often order translation of documents for embassies, consulates, foreign employers, medical institutions (when going for treatment). In many cases, these documents require apostille, legalization, notary certification, obtaining the Certificate of no criminal conviction. Individuals order quite often translation of scientific and fiction books, scientific research reports and articles, specialized texts and documents. Our employees cope successfully with such tasks.


Legal entities order mainly translation of contracts, statutes, patents and other legal, technical and financial documentation. Such cases, as a rule, require not only translation but also witnessing of documents by the notary public, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or by the seal of our agency, legalization or apostille of documents. This service is provided by us in "turn-key" format, i.e. we undertake and carry out all stages of interaction with the notary officer, ministries employees and other government bodies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, all-in.


Taking into consideration the increasing importance of the internet, the demand among individuals and companies for translation of websites and resources (with localization in Ukraine or reaching out of the world audience by commercial or information resource) has been increased in recent years. Our specialists are ready to provide these types of work both with a small web site and one thousand pages portal.

These  days clients are addressing requests to the" Alphabet" more and more often  to conduct an interlinear translation or editing translations. In these cases we also solve tasks successfully having studied thoroughly the conditions and needs of the customer.


Why choose Alphabet translation agency in Kyiv to translate your documents?

In addition to the above, the following counts in favour of Alphabet:

  • mor than five years work experience, leadership on the field-specific market
  • possibility of translation, including specialized documents, from / into English, French, Spanish and 50 other languages
  • Work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - You can place an order, get documents ready at any time
  • high-quality specialized translation - legal, medical, technical, and others
  • effective solutions for non-standard tasks


Translation agency Alphabet. We will secure you against all the worries and solve any of your orders in one package! 

We would draw your attention to the last two items of the above list. The clients, addressing us, often order the "official" translation being unaware how exactly the documents have to be completed and certified. The competence of the "Alphabet" manager, who will contact you by phone, involves quick problem solving, determination of the documents to be not only translated but certified, the necessity of apostille, certification at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or by the seal of the translation agency.

We ensure that our advice is always clear and will allow you to eliminate any errors.

In any situation we will not only find the right decision, but also provide the task solving in the "turn-key" format.


Do you have to make a translation in Kyiv? Do you need a specialized translation? Any additional questions?

Contact us and your task will be solved in as short a time as possible all around. The answer to all questions will be received during one phone conversation with our manager. And you will receive worked out, translated and properly processed documents not only at the agreed time, but also in a convenient place for you!

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